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This page contains tools and information for software developers using HTML, XML and XHTML

Free HTML clean-up utility from W3.ORG       Supports conversion to XML by making HTML more closely conform to published standards.  Also makes the code better looking and easier to maintain.
More information on "Tidy" is at
The download is 136 KB

Free HTML Kit - Web Editor.  (Supports "Tidy")         The download is 2.55 MB
Free High-end HTML authoring tool from Evrsoft.  More information on Evrsoft's 1st Page 2000 can be found at       The download is 5.2 MB
The W3C recommendations on XHTML 1.0 can be found at
For news and information on XHTML, go to

Microsoft XML (BizTalk)
Oasis XML Library

Development Exchange
FTP Online Magazine

Webmaster's Den   (Resources for webmasters)