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Andorra Croatia Cronet Israel E-Mail SearchGate
Armenia Croatian E-Mail Jewish E-Mail Shipmate List  (Navy)
Armenia E-Mail Denmark (in Danish) Lebanon Shanghai Panorama
Australia El Salvador E-Mail Lichtenstein E-Mail Singapore - NCIS
Australia & New Zealand El Salvador Friends Malaysia Singapore - Singtel
Australia E-Mail Ethiopia Malaysia Telekom Singapore E-Mail
Austria E-Mail France Military City Singapore E-Mail
Belgium Advalvas Germany Military Network Slovenia
Belgium Belcast German E-Mail Missing Persons Swaziland E-Mail
Belgium E-Mail Goat Locker  (Navy) Navy Directory   (U.S.) Switzerland
Buddy Locator  (Military) Hawaiian Registry New Zealand Telecom Switzerland Swisscom
Canada - Alberta Hong Kong Newfoundland E-Mail Turkey
Canada 411 Hong Kong E-Mail Philippines E-Mail Turkey E-Mail
Canada Info Space Hull Number  (Navy) Populus Uganda
China E-Mail Hungary E-Mail Portugal 118 Net United Kingdom 192
College E-Mail India Portugal EuroCall Yukon White Pages
Croatia Ireland E-Mail Puerto Rico World Pages