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Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Minister of the Interior
Minister of Culture Minister of Justice
Minister of Defense Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs
Minister of the Economy Minister - Responsible for European Affairs
Ministry of Economic Relations and Development Ministry of Science and Technology
Minister of Education, Science and Sport Minister of Transport
Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning National Assembly
Minister of Finance National Council
Minister of Foreign Affairs President of the Republic of Slovenia
Minister of Health Prime Minister
Minister of the Information Society

Global Gazeteer - Slovenia Ljubljana  (Eng) Podravje  (Slovene) Pristava Lepena (Slovene)
Dolenjska (Slovene) Ljubljana  (Slovene) Pomurje  (Slovene) Ptuj-on.net  (Slovene)
Gorenjska  (Slovene) Lovrenc  (Eng) Primorje  (Slovene) Slovenia Istra   (Eng)
Konjice  (Slovene) Maribor  (Eng)