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CIA World Fact Book History of Brest Paris International Search Library
Astronomical Observatory  Bordeaux History of Nantes Paris Library of Geography
Adist Atlanpole Nantes History of Orleans Paris Sainte-Geneviève Library
Bifi Film Library  Paris Lille 1900 Paris Vietnamese Library
Bordeaux Wine Information Marseilles - 26 Centuries Pasteur Institute Library  Paris
Cujas University Library  Paris Marseilles History Public Library Beaubourg Paris
Edict of Nantes Marseilles Library Search Scientific University Library  Paris
French Music Medical University Library  Paris Toxicology Hospital Library  Paris
Genealogical Library  Paris National Library of France  Paris University Press  Bordeaux

Ministry for Agriculture and Fishing Ministry for Foreign Affairs National Commission of Archaeology
Ministry for Culture & Communication Ministry for the Interior Parliament
Ministry for Defense Ministry of Justice Premier Ministre
Ministry for the Economy Ministry for Public Office Présidence de la République
Ministry for Education, & Technology Ministry for Research Secretary of State
Ministry for Employment and Solidarity Ministry of Youth and Sports Secretary of State for Tourism
Ministry for Environment & Planning National Assembly Senate