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Ascotel  Lille Hotel Center  Biarritz Majestic Hotel  Bordeaux
Atlantic Hotel  Nice Hotel Center  Nice Malmaison Nice
Barnetche  Biarritz Hotel Climate  Blois The Manor  Arras
Bayard Hotel Lyon Hotel Climate  Bordeaux Marbella Hotel  Biarritz
Beausoleil Hotel  Nice Hotel Creeks  Ajaccio Marceau Hotel  Limoges
Biarritz Hotels Biarritz Hotel of England  Grenoble Massena Hotel  Nice
Bleu Marine  Aix-en-Provence Hotel of the Earth  Aix-en-Provence Montpellier Center City Hotels
Bordeaux Hotels Bordeaux Hotel of England  Arras Mountain Lodgings  Lyon
Brice Hotel  Nice Hotel Fons-Regina Gap, in Hautes-Alpes New Hotel Marseilles, Paris, Nice, Rheims
Britania Lyon Hotel of the Fountain  Nice Normandy Hotel  Auxerre - Yonne
Carlton Hotel  Lille Hotel of France Borough-in-Bresse, Ain OK Pub  Arras (Pas-de-Calais)
Castle of the Moonlight  Biarritz Hotel Golf  Montpellier Massane The Old Inn  Orleans
Castle of the Rooms  Aurillac (w/Golf) Hotel of Golf  Arras Palm Beach  Marseilles
Castle Saint-Jean  Montlucon Hotel Grid  Gap, in Hautes-Alpes Paris Hotels
Castle of Vic  Carcassonne Hotels Ibis   Lyon Paris Hotels
Cécil' Hotel   Metz Hotel of the Jura (Tulip)  Dijon Park Grenoble Hotel  Grenoble
Chambreslyon  Lyon Hotel of the Keep  Carcassonne Pigonnet  Aix-en-Provence
Christina Hotel  Biarritz Hotel Lyon East - Gate of Ain Privilodges Lyon, Grenoble
Clairions  Auxerre Hotel Mariette Pasha  Marseilles Public Garden  Aurillac
Comfort Inn  Lille Hotel Mercury  Nice Quality Hotel  Bordeaux
Contact Hotel  Montlucon Hotel Mirande  Avignon The Queen Astrid  Lyon
Continental Hotel   Dijon Hotels in Nice  Nice The Residence  Lyon
Court of the Cabins  Lyon Hotels in Nice  Nice (Search Engine) The Residence  Nice
Dav' Hotel  Clermont-Ferrand Hotel of the North  Metz Residences of Bordered  Dax
Delcher Hotel   Aurillac Hotel Palace  Biarritz Richelieu Hotel  Dax
European Hotel Angoulème-Charente Hotels Paradou  Avignon Richelieu Hotel   Limoges
Evrostel Hotel  Evreux Hotel of Paris-Limoges  Limoges Saint-Colomban Lyon
Farmhouse of Galoffre  Nimes Hotel of the Park of Colombière  Dijon Saint-Gothard Hotel  Nice
Field of Auriac  Carcassonne Hotel Poste  Chartres Saint Martin's day Hotel  Colmar
Florentine Villa  Lyon Hotel of Provence  Nimes Saint Martin's day Hotel  Orleans
Florida Hotel  Biarritz Hotel of Puys Arverne Clermont-Ferrand Sea and Golf  Biarritz
French Riviera  Nice Hotel of the Rebirth  Cherbourg Sofitel Antigone  Montpellier
Garden of the Directions Montpellier Hotel Résidentiale  Montpellier Splendid Hotel  Nice
Garnier House  Biarritz Hotels of the Riviera  Nice The Stage Inn  Limoges
Gounod Hotel  Nice Hotel Routes Nanterre Thomasse  Aurillac
Grand Hotel Poste  Dijon Hotel from the Station   Montlucon Tonic Hotel  Biarritz
Holiday Inn  Metz Hotel Terminus  Grenoble Tourotel Hotel  Lyon
Home of Vendôme  Lyon Hotel of Tourism  Lyon Trianon Hotel  Nantes
Hostellery of the Locusts  Bordeaux Hotel Trade Winds  Bordeaux Urbaneva Dijon
Hotel Bayonne Etche-Ona Bordeaux Hotel of the Ursulines  Autun Vendôme Hotel  Nice
Hotel of the Bell Dijon Hotel Vauban Campus  Lille Victoria Garden Bordeaux temp. furn.
Hotel Bell Tower  Charleville-Wall Imotel  Bordeaux temp. furn. Apartments The White House  Nice, students
Hotel Bell-Tower  Montauban Large Hotel  Orleans
Hotel Best Western   Mulhouse Lebari B&B   Ste Florine  (Auvergne)
Hotels of Bordeaux Bordeaux The Large Monarch  Chartres
Hotel of the Cedars Orleans Magniolias  Lyon