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Angers Cinema Festival Lyon Horsemanship Show  (November)
Angers Comic Strip & Wine Festival Lyon Inouïes Music Festival  (March)
Angers Festival of the Quays Lyon Musicades   (?)
Annual Fête de la Musique Lyon Nights of Fourvière Festival  (Summer)
Auch Music Festival  (June) Lyon Reggae Festival  (July)
Aurillac Medical & Health Movie Festival Lyon Shamrock Festival  (March)
Aurillac Street Festival   (August) Lyric Art Festival
Avignon Festival
Avignon Festival of Dance  (February) Marseilles Castle-Gombert Folklore Festival  (July)
Beauvais Film Festival  (March) Marseilles Cinema Festival  (June)
Beauvais Violincello Festival  (May) Marseilles Cultural Events  (Schedule)
Belfort Film Festival  (November) Marseilles Festival  (July)
Belfort Film Festival  (November) Marseilles Hip Hop Festival (June)
Belfort Rock 'n Roll Festival  (July) Marseilles Open 13 Tennis Tournament  (February)
Belfort Urban Arts Multi-Media Festival  (December) Marseilles Triathlon  (June)
Besancon Classical Music Festival  (September) Mongrel Music Festival
Biarritz Halloween Festival  (October) Montauban Jazz Concerts  (Schedule)
Biarritz Surfing Festival Montpellier Concerts  (Schedule)
Bordeaux Festival of Arts  (May) Montpellier Cultural Festival  (May)
Bordeaux Spring Fair Montpellier Dance Festival  (July)
Bordeaux Urban Contemporary Creations Festival Montpellier Horse Show  (?)
Bourges Music Festival  (April) Montpellier International Fair  (October)
Caen Short Film Festival  (May) Montpellier International Guitar Festival  (?)
Cahors Cultural Festival  (March - April) Montpellier Mediterranean Cinema Festival
Cahors Spring Festival (June, Photography)
Cannes Film Festival Montpellier Theater Festival  (June)
Carcassonne Medieval Spectacles  (August)  (August) Montpellier Wine World  (November)
Carcassonne Organ Festival  (June to September) Mulhouse Arts Center  Schedule
Carcassonne Performing Arts Festival  (July) Mulhouse Carnival  Schedule
Chambéry Festival of the Comic Strip (October) Mulhouse Jazz Festival  (August)
Chambéry Cycling Competition Mulhouse Rock'n'Roll Music Festival (July)
Champagne-Ardennes (Schedule) Mountain Festival (November in Chambéry)
Charleville Triathlon - The Ardennes Nanterre Student Theater Festival  (June)
Chartres Artisians  (October) Nantes Cinema Festival  (November)
Chateauroux Pedestrian Race (September) Nantes Cinema Festival  (November)
Cherbourg-Octeville Film Festival  (October)   Nantes Insane Jean-Sebastien Bach Day  (?)
Classical Music Festival  (Angouleme in October) Nantes International Floral Festivals
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival  (February) Nantes Musical Festival (January)
Clermont-Ferrand Halloween Festival  (October) Nantes RAM Dam Festival  (?)
Colmar-Expo  Schedules Nante Spring Art Festival  (May)
Colmar Tourism Show  (November) Nantes Summer Music Festival  (July)
Créteil City Festival (?) Nancy Jazz Festival  (October)
Créteil Film Festival of Women  (March) Nancy Theater Festival  (May)
Créteil House of Arts  Schedules Nice 4x4 Show  (September)
Créteil Multimedia Festival  (March) Nice Book Festival
Dijon Music, Dance and Wine Festival  (August) Nice Carnival (February)
Epinal Cheese Festival  (October) Nice Contemporary Art Fair   (May)
Evreux Rock 'n Roll Festival  (June) Nice Fair (March)
Festival of the First Novel  (May in Chambéry) Nice Jazz Festival  (July)
Gastronomy Festival Nice Show Bisou   (January)
Grenoble Film Festival   (March)
Grenoble Jazz Festival  (March) Orleans Saint-Pierre Empont  (March, old music)
Grenoble Howling 38èmes  (Contemporary Music, Nov-Dec)
Grenoble International Jumping    (March) Paris Art Fair  (Autumn)
Grenoble - The Night Unplugged  (March) Paris Bijohrca Clock Show  (January & September)
Grenoble Passion of Wood  (March 2003)
Paris Cultural Festival of the 18th District  (May, June)
Hautes-Alpes Cycle Race  (September in Gap)
Laval Festival Data Base Paris Multi-Media Art Festival  (September)
Le Mans Festival Information  (Personal Page)
Le Mans Jazz Festival  (April)
Le Mans Humor Festival  (Spring)
Lille Film Festival  (March - April) Puppet Theatre Festival  (Charleville-Wall September)
Lille Show of the Marriage  (January) Run the Ardennes
Limoges Fair  (?) Toy Festival  (Angouleme in November)
Limoges Theater Festival  (September-October) Trawl-net-on-Saone Street Art Festival  (July)
Lyon Culture Festival  (?)
Lyon Décines Festival  (May) Wine Expo  (Bordeaux, June) Professionals only